Product Profile
INfinity 200 UHF Multi-Protocol EPC Module
INfinity 200 UHF Multi-Protocol EPC Module
  • Supplier: Sirit Inc.
  • Region: Canada
  • Updated: 04/07/2006
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Product Specifications
  • Designed for integration into handhelds, portable data terminals, printers, label applicators, mobile computers and other OEM devices, SIRIT's multi-protocol UHF RFID reader module supports multiple RFID-tag protocols in a single OEM module. The product was developed to meet the multi-protocol UHF product guidelines associated with RFID rollout mandates from entities including Wal-Mart and the U.S. Department of Defense.

    This module supports EPCglobal Inc. Class 0 and Class 1 standards. Additionally, the module has been designed to be hardware-ready and firmware-upgradeable to support the forthcoming EPCglobal Inc. UHF Gen2 protocol and ISO 18000-6, thereby offering customers a future-proofed solution, investment protection and greater return on investment. The SIRIT multi-protocol UHF RFID reader module offers a serial RS232 interface and comes with an optional integrated antenna. The UHF band is 902 to 928 MHz.