Product Profile
AR400 UHF Multi-protocol RFID Reader
AR400 UHF Multi-protocol RFID Reader
  • Supplier: Symbol Technologies
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 04/07/2006
  • Click Frequency: 2370
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Product Specifications
  • The AR400 from Symbol Technologies is a multi-protocol RFID reader that enables users to gain asset identification and visibility at all critical designated read zones. It helps users attain improved end-to-end visibility of goods and assets and facilitates coordination of product movement across manufacturing plants, distribution centers and entire supply chains.

    Designed to support all electronic product code (EPC)-compliant RFID tags, the AR400 is an industrial-class, fixed reader that provides all RFID and control functions required to power and communicate with passive RFID tags. It is a high-performance reader with SNMP-managed networking capability that collects, writes, processes and communicates information from all classes of EPC RFID tags. The AR400 leverages advanced digital-signal processing (DSP) to deliver superior interference management and is optimized to read tags in both clean and noisy radio environments. The AR400 maintains accurate read ranges up to 20 feet.