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RFR-03 UHF RFID Reader System 915 MHz Spread Spectrum
RFR-03 UHF RFID Reader System 915 MHz Spread Spectrum
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Product Specifications
  • The Accu-Sort RFR-03 reader is targeted at indoor and outdoor applications, such as warehousing, trailer-yard management, gated access, toll collection, airport luggage tracking and more. It can be mounted in areas of ingress and egress where tagged objects are inbound or outbound in a logistics process. With powerful read rates of up to 200 tags per second, the reader system maintains acceptable read speed at each multiplexed read point.

    It supports up to four area antennas, is easily networked via RS485, can be powered either locally or through a data cable and has a read range of 10 feet to 15 feet.

    Maximum tag-read-speed protocol is 800 tags per second; typical speed is 200 tags per second. Operating temperature is 0Xto +50XC (+32Xto +122XF) and storage is -20Xto +70?C (-4Xto +158XF). Communications interfaces include RS485, 230400 bps, no flow control, no parity, eight data bits and one-stop bit.