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Video Over Fiber Network Management System
Video Over Fiber Network Management System
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Product Specifications
  • System Overview

    WT-V400-NMS system is a combination of NMS card, embedded NMS software and client UI software. Originated by user''s actual application demands, The system is designed for easier system maintenance and management. Authorized remote access can be achieved by any location where is an active internet connection, which provides great convenience for user to view system critical operation parameters and diagnose system problem.

    SDK platform is also provided with open interface for system integrator to integrate video surveillance network with other specific monitoring system or SCADA system, like power plant, coal-mining and etc. to one united platform.



    Monitor Optical Link Status

    Monitor Video Status

    Monitor Data Traffic Status

    System Power/Fan/Temperature Monitor

    Auto Alarm when critical status change

    SDK for SCADA system integration

    Mnemonic name for each video link

    Cascadable Chassis Management

    Embedded Operating System

    Friendly UI design


    City Surveillance

    Power Plant Monitor

    Coal-mining industry

    Long Distance CCTV


    Enterprise Video Surveillance

    Technical Specification


    Video Link

    Fiber Link

    Data Traffic

    System Power Voltage/Current

    Chassis Temperature

    System Fan Speed


    Loss of fiber link

    Loss of video signal

    High Temperature

    Data Channel Disfunction


    Mnemonic link symbol

    Alarm Trigger Setting

    System Log/Report

    User Management

    Management of up to 32 Chassis


    Password Protection

    Encryption NMS message


    Open SDK platform

    NMS Port



    Chassis to Chassis by RS485


    Each Chassis with one NMS card

    RS485 bus for inter-chassis communication

    UI software

    UI software Minimum Requirements

    120MHz CPU, 80M hard drive, 64MRAM

    Windows 2000 or Windows XP

    Product Models

    Model Description

    WT-V400-NMS basic Management of one chassis, 12 video links, 12 fiber links

    WT-V400-NMS basic A Management of one chassis, 96 video links, 12 fiber links

    WT-V400-NMS Adv Management of 32 chassis, 384 video links, 384 fiber links

    WT-V400-NMS Adv A Management of 32 chassis, 3072 video links, 384 fiber links

    For OEM or integration questions, please contact us for more information.