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Asset Tag ACTIVERadio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Asset Tag ACTIVERadio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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Product Specifications
  • The tag can be affixed to virtually any asset (laptops, computers, peripherals, electronic equipment, pallets, inventory items, etc.) for effective, long-range asset protection and monitoring throughout the enterprise or supply chain. Signal transmissions penetrate walls and obstructions, traveling up to 25 feet within a typical facility, with longer ranges possible in open spaces, such as warehouses and computer rooms. Unique anti-collision capabilities allow multiple tags to be accurately read simultaneously such that both the asset and its carrier can be identified in an automatic, hands-free manner. This allows the asset to be linked to one or more owners, providing maximum security with greater freedom of movement.A tamper feature is available which triggers the tag to transmit a beacon alarm signal upon removal. Asset Beacon Tags are also available that automatically transmit on a preprogrammed timed interval to assist in the tracking and monitoring of tagged objects across broad areas. It features long read range which provides effective coverage of double doors, dock doors, package counters, wide corridors and other broad areas that passive systems can''t cover. It also provides functional linkage that assets can be linked to one or more owners for maximum security with greater freedom of movement and hands-free operation which eliminates cumbersome searches and automates time consuming check-in/check-out procedures. Omni-directional that tags can be activated and read non-line-of-sight in any orientation. Tamper Option which detects attempts to remove the tag and transmits an alarm signal.