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RFR-01 Read/Write Electronic for RFID Transponders

RFR-01 Read/Write Electronic for RFID Transponders

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Product Specifications
  • Accu-Sort Systems RFR-01, is a fixed-position, radio frequency (RF) tag reader for near-distance applications in factory automation and access control. Typical applications include identifying totes and carts in distribution, or carriers moving along overhead or power and free conveyors.

    Compatible with Philips I-Code and Texas Instruments Tag-it protocols, the RFR-01 reads passive RF transponders that operate at 13.56 MHz. Passive responders do not require an on-board power supply, making them longer-lasting and more cost-effective than active transponders.

    The compact (less than eight cubic inches), self-contained unit incorporates an antenna, modulator/demodulator, analog-to-digital converter, decoder and communications in a rugged, IP-65, waterproof enclosure. LEDs indicate power and read status. Significantly, the RFR-01 can write pertinent manufacturing data into a RF tag as an item passes through the production process. Information such as sub-assembly, quality test data and process sequences can be tracked directly to the tagged item along the production line. The RFR-01 is easy to mount and can be used outdoors, in industrial environments and on vehicles.