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SEL-2812 MT Fiber Optic Transceivers
SEL-2812 MT Fiber Optic Transceivers
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Product Specifications
  • SEL fiber-optic devices provide isolation from dangerous ground potential rise, prevent induced electrical noise, and eliminate signal ground loops. The elimination of electrical interfaces made possible by these

    products increases safety, robustness, and reliability. These transceivers are suitable for use in the harsh environment of electrical substations.

    *Easy Application: SEL fiber-optic products are simple to install. Plug the transceiver into a standard 9-pin serial connector (DB-9). No special mounting is required.

    *Port Powered: SEL fiber-optic devices receive power from the host device via the connector; they do not require a separate power supply or power wiring.

    *Improved Safety: SEL fiber-optic products provide isolation from induced voltages resulting from Ground Potential Rise (GPR) and Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) commonly caused by control cables.

    *Complete Product Range: Transceiver models are available for applications ranging from 1 meter to 80 kilometers, for use over single-mode or multimode fiber.