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7,400 Pixel Fiberoptic Scope

7,400 Pixel Fiberoptic Scope

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Product Specifications
  • 7,400-pixel resolution providing a clear image of objects as close as one inch while providing a wide 44 degree field of view
    Ideal for law enforcement, surveillance, automotive & diesel mechanics, HVAC repairs, electricians, mechanics, welders, carpenters and plumbers
    Allowing users to look behind walls, down into drains, inside engines, and many other enclosed places without costly demolition or disassembly
    Elastic and flexible cable sheathing bends in all directions to allow precise viewing
    Powerful LED lamp with PMMA optical fiber light guide illuminates dark locations for clear viewing
    Sealed lens and cable submersible
    Operating on 1 AA battery allowing 15 hours continuous lighting when using alkaline battery
    Easy clip on design accessory mirror for 90 degree view perpendicular to the scope is great upgrade to increase versatility of the scope