Product Profile
Avery Dennison AD-730 RFID Antenna
Avery Dennison AD-730 RFID Antenna
  • Supplier: Avery Dennison
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 10/13/2010
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Product Specifications
  • The AD-730 is the first of many products to be launched targeting the HF healthcare/pharmaceutical market from Avery Dennison RFID.  The AD-730 is available in both narrow and wide edge leading orientations. This ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 compliant product offers optimized read range to support healthcare applications such as wristbands, asset tagging, medical labels, and pharmaceuticals. In application, the AD-730 tunes to 13.56MHz. The NXP SLI chip offers 896 bits of user memory to enable Electronic article surveillance and Application Family Identifier security functionality. The product is compatible with alternative chip platforms in order to address alternative memory and applications needs.

    The 14 mm by 31mm footprint was established to suit applications where discreet tagging is desired as well as applications where surface area is limited.  Due to the small size, the product may also be applied in markets outside of healthcare such as secure entry devices, e.g. key FOBs.

    The AD-730 is available as a dry inlay (PET layer with metal antenna and integrated circuit attached and over-laminated with a final PET layer for added environmental protection) and a pressure sensitive backed inlay design for integration into label conversion processes.