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Vigitron MaxiiCopper Vi2301 Network Extender
Vigitron MaxiiCopper Vi2301 Network Extender
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Product Specifications
  • Vigitron network extender extends high-speed Ethernet over long distances of existing UTP and coaxial infrastructures. The device is designed for UTP applications while Vi2401 extends digital signals over coaxial cables.

    MaxiiCopper network extenders establish a full-duplex, full-rate Ethernet connection up to 5,500 feet at 10Base-T or 2,100 feet at 100Base-T. They are completely transparent to corporate networks and do not need any IP programming. These extenders are excellent for high network bandwidth requirements of megapixel cameras or multiple network cameras.

    MaxiiCopper network extenders provide migration paths from existing analog systems over UTP or coaxial cables to digital Ethernet network.