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Smiths Detection Bio-Seeq PLUS
Smiths Detection Bio-Seeq PLUS
  • Supplier: Smiths Detection
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 03/25/2013
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Product Specifications
  • The Bio-Seeq PLUS is a handheld biological testing unit designed for global military and emergency response applications. The system provides testing capabilities for rapid and accurate onsite detection and identification of trace amounts of unknown substances, including biological warfare agents such as Anthrax, tularemia, plague and pan-orthopox.

    The Bio-Seeq meets the varied needs of emergency responders around the globe. The system provides lab-quality results in the field, enabling cost-effective responses to potential biological attacks.

    The Bio-Seeq PLUS utilizes a patented technology (linear after the exponential polymerase chain reaction), which expands the capabilities of field-portable, bio-analytical instruments to increase result reliability. The lightweight unit is designed to be used by emergency responders, including those with little to no biological testing experience. The system is easy to use even when in protective gears, as well as in single-handed operations, which are guided by easy-to-follow software prompts.

    · Lab-quality results in 65 minutes
    · Ability to detect agents such as Anthrax, tularemia, plague and pan-orthopox
    · Easy sample prep designed to be used by emergency responders wearing hazmat suits
    · Ability to complete six different tests simultaneously