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ISO 14443-4 Lighted Keypad Reader

ISO 14443-4 Lighted Keypad Reader

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Product Specifications
  • . Based on the new SmartReader hardware platform

    . The new ISO 14443-4 reader with lighted keypad adds extra security to those access points where you need double (card + PIN) authentication

    . To improve the user PIN interface in low light areas, and after dark, IE has built-in red lights to backlight the keypad buttons

    . The keypad backlighting is automatically activated when a card is presented or a key is pressed

    . The patented flash configuration capability allows IE readers to be completely reprogrammed, even after the reader is already installed

    . The optional tamper switch is used to detect unauthorised tampering with the reader

    . When connected tampering or removal of the reader will send a warning signal to the host system