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GL-1200F Gate Magnet Electromagnetic Lock
GL-1200F Gate Magnet Electromagnetic Lock
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Product Specifications
  • The GL-1200 waterproof electromagnetic lock is manufactured under GEM''s ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management Program. The fail-safe standard-sized electromagnetic lock uses powerful magnetic force to secure and release doors; it is suitable for areas that require security-controlled access or egress such as emergency-exit doors. The stainless-steel casing is totally sealed and epoxy-potted for water and vandal resistance. A threaded-conduit fitting ensures weather resistance of wiring so it is suitable for outdoor applications.

    Holding force of up to 1,200 pounds with 12 VDC (24 VDC or 12-24 VDC dual voltage available by special order). Optional Z-600 brackets can be installed for in-swinging doors.