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V-Station (Optical Sensor)
V-Station (Optical Sensor)
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  • With Bioscrypt's V-Station reader with optical sensor, companies can eliminate any doubts about who is entering their buildings and restricted areas. Employees can verify their identity using who they are, what they know and what they carry. The V-Station combines fingerprint biometrics with PIN numbers and an integrated proximity or contactless smart card reader for dual- or multifactor authentication. The V-Station reader can help meet compliance regulations mandating strong authentication and strict access control to sensitive files and computer equipment. Bioscrypt's fingerprint reader can make matches in under a second and is designed for high traffic areas so that hundreds of employees can authenticate themselves as they begin a shift. The V-Station reader with optical sensor features Bioscrypt's patented, award-winning technology and is compatible with other Veri-Series readers. The optical sensor features 500 DPI imaging technology that produces clear, high-contrast and practically distortion-free imaging. It also has a hard, durable fingerprint platen that does not require coating or membranes and is resistant to wear and extreme environments.