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EMS 1200 Compact Shearlock
EMS 1200 Compact Shearlock
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Product Specifications
  • The lock holds forces up to 1,200 kilograms and is available in mortice or surface-mount models. Dimensions are 230 millimeters x 51 millimeters x 51 millimeters. Its compact design has magnets of 163 millimeters x 30 millimeters x 35 millimeters and armatures of 163 millimeters x 30 millimeters x 32 millimeters. It is equipped with built-in PCB controllers and switch-selectable adjustable time delay (0 seconds to 30 seconds); misalignment is multiple-auto relock x 100 and it has three-meter flying leads. Finally, the shearlock has fully monitored hall effect for a maximum 24 VDC at one amp door-position switch. Versatile installation is for single or double action doors and mounting is mortice, surface or glass; voltage is 12 VDC or 24 VDC at 1,150 mA or 1,550mA, and current at 110mA or 250mA, respectively. It also has built-in transient and reverse polarity protection with maximum armature pull in 12 VDC of four millimeters or, in 24vDC of five millimeters. Accessories include surface-mount housings with aluminum or glass brackets.