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traffic barrier
traffic barrier
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Product Specifications

    Model No.:DBA-550


    1.The main controller is designed with the high dependability microprocessor.

    2.Key technology is to adopt the special type of moment motor-AC220V, which is specially designed for it.

    3.The appearance structure is strong, durable, and elegant in appearance.

    4.With anti-bumping function realized by digital Vehicle Detector technology.

    5.Can be controlled by remote control .

    6. Waterproof designed,suitable for using in the open air.



    *Rail height:850mm

    *Oval rail:80mm?0mm

    *Rail length:3~6m

    *Working voltage :AC220V

    *Power frequency:50~60Hz

    *Rated pwer:90W

    *The rail up and down time:2S

    *Running life:3,500,000 times