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flap barrier
flap barrier
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Product Specifications


    1. Using AISI-304 drawbench stainless steel trunk, excellent and dependable design.

    2. Using 24V/30W brush direct current motor,special technics for the core

    3. Optional long length box, optional swing arms material

    4. Smooth performance and low noise.


    1. Self-examine and alarms, convenient for maintain.

    2. Can be programmed by the inner button of the main box.

    3. With a standard electric interface,individuate installation interface(convenient for integrating the card read/wirte equipment),can be controlled by computer.

    4. With clear access direction,standard double-way reader installation windows.Optional double-way access direction or single pass,the other forbid direction.


    1. Open swing arms if power-off,reset when power-on.

    2. Illegal entry alarm,follow alarm,using Sound alarm and could be extend other way. Illegal entry alarm if Illegal entry the swing arms close and buzzer ring 3s. Follow alarm:If the person forgets to read card and enter follow a allowable passenger,the swing arms fixed and buzzer will ring 3s.The infrared detector is design humanistic to protect both children and adult to un- nip by the swing arms.

    3. Records the number of allowable passenger and passed passenger by the infrared direction.

    4. Automatic reset function,if the passenger doesn''t pass the access in the allow time,barrier will reset and logoff the pass right.( default time is 10s)

    5. Synchronization function:to synchronization the left and right swing arms.

    Parameter :

    *Case dimension (L*W*H): 1400mm*300mm*1000mm

    *Arm:MAX 245mm

    *Power:AC220?0[[]%] V,50HZ

    *Engine:non-brush electric engine 24V/30W direct current

    *Natural working life:3 million

    *Communication interface:RS485

    *Input interface: dry-contact signal,5V PWL signal, pulse

    *signal siwidth=100ms,5V


    *Card reader: 2

    *Passing speed:40person/minute(open model) or 20person/minute(close model)

    *Open&close time:1s

    *Working temperature:-10C~50C

    *Relative humidity:<90[[]%],non-congealable dew

    *Count read card''s number:<255