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FxLock Access Control and Time&Attendance
FxLock Access Control and Time&Attendance
  • Supplier: Biometrika
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 10/03/2008
  • Click Frequency: 1502
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Product Specifications
  • FxLock is a professional biometric terminal for fingerprint-based access control and time&attendance applications. The internal high quality fingerprint sensor and the powerful microprocessor, make FxLock extremely secure and accurate. FxLock can operate as stand-alone device or in a network with other devices. Thanks to the modularity of the components and the availability of a versatile Software.Development Kit, FxLock is the ideal solution for system integrators. Biometrika can also develop custom solutions where FxLock can be equipped with audio peripherals (microphone and speaker) and a digital camera.

    Fingerprint Sensor

     Optical, high resolution (569 dpi)

     Wide acquisition area (13.2x25 mm2)

    Microprocessor and memory

     RISC 32-bit, 200 MHz, core ARM9

     32 MB RAM


     Basic  8 MB Flash (about 1500 users)

     Max 32 MB Flash (about 10000 users)

    Keyboard and display

     Ergonomic keyboard (14 buttons)

     Large back-lighted display (2??4)

     FxLock standard color: blue *


     Relays board,

     Proximity reader (RFID)


     RS 232, Ethernet (TCP/IP), Modem