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Symmetry S840-KP Keypad Proximity Readers
Symmetry S840-KP Keypad Proximity Readers
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Product Specifications
  • The Symmetry S840-KP reads HID 125KHz proximity cards and is designed for use with the complete multiNODE range of database and door controllers. Typical read range is 5"(120mm) with HID Proxcard II.

    Unlike Wiegand interface readers, the Symmetry S840- KP uses secure, bi-directional, pseudo-random supervised communications between the multiNODE controllers and their associated readers. Both the reader and cable are supervised, and an alarm will sound if the reader is tampered with or communications lost.

    A distance from the multiNODE controller to the Symmetry S840-KP of up to 3000ft (1000m) can also be achieved. Reader features include integral buzzer providing positive confirmation of PIN entry and local door pre-held warning alarm. Additional programming LEDs are used in conjunction with card commands initiated from the reader keypad.

    - Reads HID 125KHz proximity cards

    - Typical read range of 5〃 (120mm) with HID ProxCard II

    - Secure, bi-directional, pseudo-random supervised communications

    - Audible feedback provides positive confirmation of card read & key press

    - Visual indication for card accepted, card rejected and PIN prompt

    - Card commands in conjunction with LED status indicators

    - Integral door held warning buzzer

    - Supports S660 RIM for local door input and output terminations