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LMED Online Fingerprint Reader
LMED Online Fingerprint Reader
  • Supplier: CDVI Group
  • Region: France
  • Updated: 11/06/2008
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Product Specifications
  • - Works with humid, dry and low fingerprints

    - High quality image 500dpi

    - Temperature control, adjusts with body heat

    - Self cleaning sensor

    - Operates with humid fingers (choice of one or several fingerprints during recording)

    - 1 relay output N/O & N/C contacts

    - Tamper switch

    - Can store up to 400 fingerprints locally

    - Capability to connect to a UGL, UGM, or UGP40

    - LMED = DGID Reader Controller (Bus interface)

    - Comes with the software

    - Auto-detect the biometric device (USB?Scanner or LMED)

    - Minimum system requirements, Pentium CPU, 500 MHz, 64 Mo of memory, 10 Mo hard drive for the application, 64 Mo hard drive during

    installation, Video card made up of multiple colors (16 bits) 800 x 600 Pixels, Compatible with all Windows software (Windows 2000, XP),

    Must use a CONV LMED and a CONV PC LMED per installation

    - Input voltage: 12V AC/DC

    - Consumption, LMED 150mA interface 150mA = 300mA