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Facial Recognition system
Facial Recognition system
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Product Specifications
  • ?? High Recognition Accuracy: Verification Rate (VR) is higher than 99% if False Acceptance Rate (FAR) is

    lower than 0.01%

    ?? High Speed of Verification: Typically less than 1 second in case of 1:1; and 2 seconds in case of 1: all.

    System identifying speed is higher than 2million times per second based on the same level CPU as Intel P4,


    ?? Leading Reliability: High-level patented and optimized recognition algorithms keep the recognition engine

    always in safe working condition

    ?? System Compatibility provides the availability of incorporating the existed IC/ID card management system.

    ?? Face Image and photo shall be identified precisely

    ?? Automatic Learning Functionality: System offers the ability to learn and update the face image in database

    automatically if the userˇs face and background have changes.

    ?? Smart and Safe Entrance/Accessing Management: Many control ways are configured to increase the grade of

    safe, including door linkage, two-grade door inter-Lock, anti-threaten, anti-tailgating etc.

    ?? Environment Adaptability: system is robust against light changes, also race/complexion and sex.

    ?? Traceable events: there is an event record (date/time/face photo) for every door-open.