Product Profile
Large LCD Voice leading Time and Attendance ST-8811
Large LCD Voice leading Time and Attendance ST-8811
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Product Specifications
  • 110 x 130mm large LCD bDisplay 10 digit of card number and completely date

    With voice leading and voice message functions

    Good transaction record storage capacity

    Communications: RS232, RS 485, TCP/IP and USB

    Data download speed: RS232/485, 57600 baud rate

    LAN: 10m

    Template storage capacity: 5,200 names

    Reading range: 8 to 15cm (decided by card)

    Voice leading, excellent identification, can effectively avoid the artificially substitute swipe cards

    Humanized technology: when swipe cards, will announce the voice message from personal or public message box

    Built-in rechargeable battery for emergency, can last for 8 hours when the outside power is shut off

    Card number convertible into serial number, easy to memorize

    Delivering the punch records simultaneously

    With built-in perpetual calendar clock