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RL5E-SC Home Office Special Fingerprint Lock
RL5E-SC Home Office Special Fingerprint Lock
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 08/01/2007
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Product Specifications
  • .Item:Technical Parameters

    .Sensor Resolution:500dpi

    .Antistrike Ability of Sensor:Remain good condition after being jabbed 1000times with a 4H pencil at a 20cmˇs distance

    .Authentication Speed: ∝1

    .FAR(false acceptance rate):∝1%

    .FRR(false rejection rate):∝0.0001%

    .Fingerprint Scanning:Twice to get form one fingerprint template

    .Fingerprint Update Mode:Automatic

    .Fingerprint Template Saved:All enrolled fingerprint template will be saved while replacing the batteries

    .Fingerprint Capacity:120max

    .Light Jam:Sunlight resistable

    .Optical Glass:Optical glass with PVD coated

    .Static Current:∝2uA

    .Dynamic Current:∝120mA

    .Operation Voltage:4 AA alkaline batteries, DC 6V

    .Battery Life:Approx 12 months

    .Power Supply:Battery

    .Temperature of Storage:-20-80

    .Low Voltage Warning:When working voltage is less than 4.8V,the lock can still be opened dozens of times

    .Mechanical Key:The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the opening by the mechanical key in emergency.

    .Operation Environment:Operation Temperature:-10-80

    .Operation Humidity :RH(20-80) %

    .Installation requirement:Door thickness ≠30mm

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