Product Profile
BioScan BSC-101
BioScan BSC-101
  • Supplier: IDTI Inc.
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 07/23/2007
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Product Specifications
  • Industry leading edge fingerprint algorithm (1st place in Fingerprint Verification Competition, FVC2004)

    1:1 Authentication and 1:Many Identification in less than 1 second

    Selectable dual or quad Fingerprint Enrollment for each user

    Multiple Security Modes: 11 total operating modes to choose from

    Custom user display name and custom standby display message

    Integrated 32-character LCD display and 16 numeric keypad with luminescent backlight

    20 programmable function keys

    Onboard programmable 6 Inputs / 2 Relay outputs

    Optional External Remote Relay Module for added security protection

    Auxiliary relay to arm/disarm an external alarm system

    Available External reader port for anti-passback functionality

    Standalone/Network communication via RS232/RS422 TCP/IP

    Dual interface with Access Control and Time & Attendance software

    Free software and SDK for expanded functionality

    512 Timezones

    365 Holidays