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Fingerprint Lock AL-1000
Fingerprint Lock AL-1000
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 06/12/2007
  • Click Frequency: 2398
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Product Specifications
  • Technical features:

    *Application of the latest technology of embedded fingerprint recognition provides high security recognition and stability as well as advanced algorithm of fingerprint recognition; a new type of semiconductor capacitance fingerprint transducer, with high precision, swift response, low power consumption, small dimension and cheap price, is applied.

    *Full metal shell, dapper exterior and compact structure. Solid and durable. Mechanical emergency key available for emergency.

    *Simple installation could be achieved by the direct replacement of the same mechanical lock on the lock hole.

    *Simple and convenient operation for use. Operations such as verification of opening door, delete of registration and so on require only a quick view of operation instruction.

    *Designated fingerprint delete or new fingerprint registration are available, superior to other similar products that require the complete delete of all fingerprints before new fingerprint registration.

    *Four 5# alkaline batteries applied provide over 3000 openings of the door within half a year. 30 openings are guaranteed after the alarm of low battery.

    *The design of electrical detachable handle allows the handle rotating without force load when the lock is not authorized to open, which could effectively protect the lock from destruction by rotating handle violently that could result in the damage of internal structure of lock and thus the invalidation of lock.

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