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LA9-3 Fingerprint Lock
LA9-3 Fingerprint Lock
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 05/30/2007
  • Click Frequency: 1891
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Product Specifications
  • *Fingerprint sensor: Optical sensor

    *Sensor resolution: 500 dpi

    *Antistrike ability of sensor surface Remain good condition after being jabbed with a 4H pencil at a 20cm''s distance.

    *Authentication speed: <1 second

    *Authentication methods: 1:N or 1:1

    *FAR: ?0.0001%

    *FRR: ?1%

    *Angle for putting finger: ∮45

    *Fingerprint scanning: Once to get one fingerprint template

    *Fingerprint template saved: All enrolled fingerprint template will be saved while replacing the batteries

    *User capacity: 120max

    *Light jam: Sunlight resistable

    *Sensor surface: Optical glass with PVD coated

    *Operating voltage : 4 AA alkaline batteries, DC 4.5~6.0v

    *Battery life : Approx 12 months

    *Temperature for storage : -25C-85C

    *Static consumption: ?8uA

    *Dynamic consumption: ?120mA

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