Product Profile
GF2000-A20/A20N/A20L All in one Fingerprint Verifier
GF2000-A20/A20N/A20L All in one Fingerprint Verifier
  • Supplier: asmag
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 05/23/2007
  • Click Frequency: 2138
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Product Specifications
  • *Small size and suitable for the usage as a desktop peripheral for Time & Attendance System and also may hang and fix on wall.

    *RJ45 Ethernet port with TCP/IP protocol support LAN /WAN

    *Display  24 Characters x 2 lines LCD panel.

    *A Tri-Color LED matching status light

    *Keypad  16 keys (0-9,enter, del and 4 function keys)

    *Scanner  Optical CCD with infrared sensor

    *Rotation invariant - scanner can read your fingerprint from any angle, even upside down.

    *Latent Fingerprint Removal  More accurate readings and prevents using a fingerprint image twice.

    *128-Bits Encryption  Fingerprint template and user data are protected internally using a 128-bits encryption.

    *Challenge-response link prevents play back attacks.

    *Fingerprint image is not stored and the userˇs identity can never be ¨cloned〃.

    *For Access control or Time attendance system.

    *Optional Internal proximity reader

    *Performance: 1to 1 Matching takes about 1 second for A20N and A20L, 3 seconds for A20.

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