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Accu-Time Cyber Series 2102 Terminal
Accu-Time Cyber Series 2102 Terminal
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Product Specifications
  • The Cyber Series 2102 terminal is a complete biometric security package for data collection. Versatile and dependable, the Cyber Series 2102 terminal verifies a quick two-finger enrollment of either the right or left hand. Its dual-peg, finger-alignment feature give the Cyber Series 2102 unparalleled accuracy and ease of use.

    Automatic template updating allows the device to adjust to subtle variances in finger characteristics and positioning. The Cyber Series 2102 also can communicate in RS232, RS485 and Ethernet 10-base-T formats.

    Users first make primary-identification claims by entering personal-identification numbers (PIN) on keypads or by swiping cards through readers. The first and second fingers (recommended) are placed on platens and photographed three different times by removing and replacing the fingers each time.

    An optical chassis, optoelectronics and electronic camera allow the three-dimensional image to be captured and integrated with the PIN number to accelerate verification under normal operating conditions. PIN and finger transactions must both be accomplished for a positive read even after enrollment. Finger geometry may soon be stored inside terminals as data templates, transferred to other terminals or uploaded to hosts.

    Finger data is modified and templates updated every time successful transactions are completed. The Cyber Series 2102 terminal is designed to track and update gradual alterations in finger shape that accompany aging, weight gain or loss and finger positioning.

    Multiple cues--both audio and visual--assist users to operate the terminal and also provide a highly accurate, easy-to-use personal identification or verification. It works equally well with right or left hands and also has an optional badge reader, which makes the device highly versatile. Custom programs and programmable function keys provide users with flexibility to create a variety of options. The Cyber Series 2102 can act as a standalone time station or as part of a local or wide area network. Ability to interface with virtually any host hardware or software platform gives it a large range of communication possibilities.