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Touch & Go Access Control System
Touch & Go Access Control System
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 03/09/2007
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Product Specifications
  • Touch & Go is the most secure access control system available. It offers levels of security, power, and simplicity far in excess of traditional card and PIN based systems  providing the most reliable protection for your people, property and business - a real asset for security, health and safety, risk and facilities managers.

    Touch & Go only needs a fingerprint for identification and searches 1000ˇs of records in a second. The TouchPoint is weather proof and robust. The Observer event logger software enables managers or security staff to view and track every movement - from any desk - indisputably. The system is fast and foolproof. But we havenˇt stopped there. Weˇve added many more useful features such as automatic alerts for unauthorised access attempts, and checks for duplicate identities during enrolment.

    Touch & Go runs on existing network infrastructure and can use or replace current access control equipment  saving further costs. It is expandable from a single door, turnstile, barrier, etc. to any number of access points with unlimited configuration flexibility.

    The features built into Touch & Go make it the most powerful packaged biometric solution available. Touch & Go gives you:

    * Powerful management tools to set up your site representation and access control rules

    * The flexibility to book meetings & process visitors with Visitor Manager

    * Real-time monitoring for quick reaction, escalation or improved security

    * Vandal resistant readers for fast and easy movement around your buildings

    * Integration with existing software applications such as payroll, H.R. and other databases

    * All of this in a cost-effective package that eliminates the need for cards, PINs, manned entrances or centralised administration.

    Touch & Go Lite is suitable for small locations or installations with low volume throughput (up to around 200 people); Touch & Go Ultra is available as a scaleable solution for larger or expanding sites. You can also add new features, such as Touch & Go Attendance Monitor or Card Production.

    Photobase has been providing security and biometric solutions since 1989. Our users include government, prisons, immigration, police, plus other high profile public sector and commercial organisations.

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