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BioAxs 9700 Fingerprint Recognition Access Control System
BioAxs 9700 Fingerprint Recognition Access Control System
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  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 03/09/2007
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Product Specifications
  • The BioAxs 9700 is a convenient, cost effective fingerprint recognition access control system. The system employs a powerful search algorithm to index fingerprints by their global characteristics, and so can be used without the need for magnetic swipe, proximity card (and the burdensome, recurring costs associated with cards), or pin number entry. Users simply walk up and put their finger on the reader to be recognized. Most fingerprint recognition solutions are too slow to be used in the convenient ¨identification〃 mode described above, or can only be used for user groups of 200 or less. Our search algorithm allows for the convenience of ¨identification〃 mode functionality on huge user databases (up to 30,000 users) and can search through 5,000 users in approximately one second.

    The 9700 is also capable of integrating with pin pad, magnetic swipe, proximity card, or smart card technology to create a ¨verification〃 system; this allows the system to match against only that userˇs fingerprint.

    Integrates with Existing Access Controllers

    The 9700 can act as an enhancement to existing access control systems. As such, it validates users and provides validated user ID and door number to an existing access control system. The door hardware is controlled by the existing access control system. 9700 can connect to the access control system via 26 Wiegand protocol and provides user authentication information in standard card reader format.

    Stand Alone Capability

    The 9700 is capable of functioning as a ¨stand alone〃 device and will open magnetic locks or strike plates, handle request to exit buttons, and accept fire alarm shunts. NextgenIDˇs proprietary Command Center Software allows for complex granting of access privileges. Users can be granted access to a particular door during defined days and/or hours. User Groups can be created to assign the same door privileges to a large group of users (i.e., Lab A Technicians). All door events are logged for easy searching and viewing and can be output as a printed report.

    Weatherproof Design

    The BioAxs 9700 is available in a weatherproofed model that can operate in most outdoor conditions. Down pour conditions make fingerprint authentication extremely difficult as a user not carrying an umbrella will be unable to sufficiently wipe his or her finger semi-dry before authenticating. Fingerprint readers cannot read prints through a significant layer of water. For unhindered performance, BioStation Outdoor mounting or a commercial awning will provide the necessary ¨dry zone〃 for users to wipe the moisture from their finger. Obviously, users prefer the amenity of an outdoor authentication spot protected from the elements. It is also available in an XTRM Model that can operate at temperatures from -40c to +60c.

    Flexible System Architecture

    Both the hardware and software architecture of our system is designed to be extremely flexible. If you would like to enhance an existing card swipe or proximity card system with a BioAxs 9700, we are able to accept the readerˇs information in standard card reader format via Wiegand or RS232. If you have a particular sensor or algorithm, we are happy to incorporate them whenever possible (although such a change may effect the pricing and delivery date of our system, so please call for a quote).

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