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ConfiTrack S1756 Hands-free Access Control
ConfiTrack S1756 Hands-free Access Control
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Product Specifications
  • ConfiTrack S1756 is a standard hands-free access control application for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. ConfiTrack supervises 8 access points for identifying and granting access to owners of valid RFID-tags. Typical applications are parking, distribution centres, hospitals, private buildings or other access areas.

    Each access point comprise of one TagMaster Reader, which identify and validate ID-tags carried by humans or vehicles. If the ID-tag is valid the gate/barrier will open. If not, an alarm is generated and logged.

    The access point can operate stand-alone or on-line with the ConfiTrack program for real time updates of access and alarm information. All information is logged with time stamps to file for reporting and possible post processing.

    Access information is indicated with red, green or yellow LED DATA SHEETindicators. For identified users the user name and company is displayed in large text on screen. It is also possible to open the access gate manually from the ConfiTrack program.

    For non valid users or other fraud events, alarms are generated and indicated. Further alarm management is maintained in a separate menu allowing for analysis and acknowledging the alarms.

    ConfiTrack has three password protected user levels to prevent unauthorised personnel to edit access information and system configuration. ConfiTrack is designed for small and medium sized access applications where easy usage and low maintenance efforts are important.

    The RFID-tags are credit card sized and differ from any magnetic card in that they are accessed remotely of up to 6 meters (18 feet) away through car windscreens, clothes, etc.