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Pen-One Fingerprint Signature
Pen-One Fingerprint Signature
  • Supplier: Pen-One Inc.
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 04/06/2006
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Product Specifications
  • This newly-developed advanced biometrics pen seamlessly merges individual handwriting with automated electronic fingerprint recognition. Enrolled customers, visitors and employees simply sign documents, fill in logs, complete forms and execute contracts just as they would with normal writing instruments.

    The difference is instantaneous, automatic verification of writer identity when signing or writing. The paper or electronic record can include a time and date stamp for every handwriting event. The Pen-One system is also good for pen-based computing, including tablets, PDAs and more. In each application, the electronic fingerprint-sensor system is ergonomically positioned so the instrument may be used just like its nonbiometrics counterpart.

    Signature and handwriting integrity are preserved. High-accuracy algorithms provide instant print recognition for signer-authentication logs or automatic network login. Enrolled members of controlled groups of authorized users may store print data in central databases for extra security or to avoid carrying separate ID cards. Customers or visitors may prefer to carry biometrics data in tokens, such as smartcards or conventional credit and debit cards that afford more personal control of private biometrics data.