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IRIS TC6000 Series Authentication System
IRIS TC6000 Series Authentication System
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Product Specifications
  • The TC6000 series introduces a cost-efficient, reliable solution for authenticating and managing information, conducting payment transactions, updating information and controlling access to crucial data. It features built-in multiple secure-access-module (SAM) slots with added terminal security.

    Its capabilities can be further expanded through the following features: 10BaseT LAN capability, low-speed line modem, PIN pad and serial printer interface, USB host, USB client ports and magnetic card readers. This authentication system automates data transfer by reducing the need for manual form filling and also offers a cost-efficient, high-end, security solution for network and e-commerce transactions.

    Internal components are protected by a robust, tamper-proof housing for enhanced security and durability. Front and backlit TFT/LCD displays offer enhanced readability. The TC6000 series uses fingerprint-scanning authentication to secure applications and can communicate with PCs, printers or any serial peripherals via serial ports.