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FaceTOOLS 3.2 Facial Recognition SDK
FaceTOOLS 3.2 Facial Recognition SDK
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Product Specifications
  • FaceTools is a software developer's kit for non-distributed environments designed to enable developers to build applications using face recognition software for identity solutions. With FaceTools, developers can create virtual identification. FaceTools is based on Viisage's Flexible Template Matching technology, which incorporates a unique combination of multiple facial-recognition algorithms.

    FaceTools provides a useful software-development environment for developers with some level of experience with facial-recognition technology and who are interested in creating programs for criminal and civil IDs as well as border management among others.

    FaceTools' benefits include the following: superior enrollment and recognition performance through fusion of face recognition algorithums; maximum interoperability through BioAPI compatibility and ActiveX controls; easy and fast development process through sample applications, tools and wizards. In addition, flexible template matching provides backwards compatibility while incorporating future technology.