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TIME PRO 2006 Time & Attendance Software
TIME PRO 2006 Time & Attendance Software
  • Supplier: IDTECK
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 03/07/2007
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Product Specifications
  • Looking for a Versatile Time & Attendance solution?

    Starwatch Time Pro is not just an attendance feature in a access control software. It is a Robust Time & Attendance solution with detailed features such as meal time, break time, free in/out, abnormal attendance &correction, auto email & SMS functions. To make things even more convenient, TP2006 is accessible with a web browser to view & print.

    - Design your own window layout and personalize language and terms on the screen.

    - Online help and effective search

    - User-oriented system configuration and options

    - Powerful administration functions

    - Dynamic reports and data connection

    - Extremely easy Setup Wizard for initial configuration

     User-designed screen image and company logo on its windows.

     Multi language support : English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and more.

     User's own language and words conversion.

     Online help to provide immediate answers.

     Person Explorer to provide one click search by person's name.

     Data Explorer to provide one click search by data name.

     User-addible configuration of work type, code, reports etc and convenient options of auto closing,

    SMS/Email delivery options and more.

     User defined payroll options. (Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-monthly, Monthly)

     Effective management of employee info, shift work setting, attendance exception setting, work schedule adjustment,


     Convenient modification for abnormal time and attendance data.

     User-designed report format by date, attendance code, closing result, event content, etc.

     Export the report in various format and database connection to integrate with other system.