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FX Lock Access Control Unit
FX Lock Access Control Unit
  • Supplier: Biometrika
  • Region: Italy
  • Updated: 02/14/2007
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Product Specifications
  • The high resolution of the internal sensor (569 dpi; i.e., 69 dpi more than FBI specifications) and its very large sensing area significantly improve fingerprint recognition accuracy; resolution and area of the FxLock sensor are the highest among the existing biometric terminals. Thanks to these features, false rejections due to an incorrect placement of the finger are drastically reduced. The core of FxLock is a board equipped with a powerful microprocessor (RISC 32-bit, 200 MHz, ARM9) and 32 MB of RAM.

    This allows very large images (560 x 296 pixels) to be processed online, without sacrificing recognition accuracy. FxLock can operate both in Verification mode (1:1 match - PIN based), and Identification mode (1:N search on the database of enrolled users) with a very low error rate. User verification takes about 0.8 seconds.