Product Profile
SMARTPOINT Fingerprint Lock
SMARTPOINT Fingerprint Lock
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 02/09/2007
  • Click Frequency: 3792
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Product Specifications
  • Biometric Access

     Fingerpoint technology reader minutia point recognition imprints stored

     Light emitting sensor

     Proprietary algorithm

     Latent print imagery or synthetic duplication cannot defeat the system multiple locks

     Up to five (5) locks multiple users

     Master code - one (1) per system

     Manager code - one (1) per system

     User codes - eight (8) per lock

    Programmable on Each Lock

    -Audit trail

    -Time delay

    -Silent signal alarm

    Optional battery alarm box required

    -Remote disable

    Optional battery alarm box required

    -Dual code

    -Time lock

    -Lock options

    The Smartpoint can be used with a variety of locks from la gardˇs product line. The dual-handed Swingbolt is the most popular high security lock for safes worldwide. It may be installed anywhere within the Boltwork mechanism for direct blocking and allows automatic safe locking by simply turning the handle. The LA Gard electronic deadbolt was designed as an immediate replacement for mechanical locks. It can be used either to block safe Boltwork or directly lock inner compartment doors. Finally, only LA Gard can offer you the redundant mechanical lock. The only lock of itˇs kind that provides the benefit of a completely redundant opening mechanism, one electronically controlled and the other mechanically controlled. The mechanical opening is controlled by a 3-wheel combination lock. The redundant mechanical lock is recommended for all high security safes rated tl15 or higher.

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