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INTUS ACM4 Access Control System
INTUS ACM4 Access Control System
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  • Updated: 01/31/2007
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Product Specifications
  • INTUS ACM4  the intelligent, compact and competitively priced Access Control Manager from PCS. Decentralized control of 1 to 4 doors, rotating barriers, turnstiles or locks. Interfaces to the full range of PCS identification readers including biometric identification with INTUS FP. Ethernet TCP/IP interface, ideally suited for networked access control. The system can thus be easily upgraded at any given time. Local room/time profiles. 10,000/30,000 master records. Industry standard interfaces for door control, door monitoring, and alarms (vandalism, fire, burglary).

    The INTUS ACM4 Akku offers the same technical specifications plus an integrated battery safely bridging a mains failure of up to four hours. The battery supplies the INTUS ACM4 itself as well as the connected identification readers and door control.

    The INTUS ACM4 / ACM4 Akku is available as:

    *INTUS ACM4 TCL for software vendor programming and OEMs

    *INTUS ACM4 Wiegand for four Wiegand readers

    Key features:

    *Intelligent Access Control Manager for 2 or 4 doors

    *Parameterization as an Access Control Center via PC

    *Very simple installation and commissioning

    *Integrated power supply for INTUS 300/500 ID readers, door openers and door contacts

    *INTUS ACM4 with 230V/AC, optionally with integrated emergency power supply

    *INTUS ACM4 with 12V/DC

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