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IDU Biometric Fingerprint Reader
IDU Biometric Fingerprint Reader
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Product Specifications
  • The IDU is a complete, robust, 24-7 access-control solution. Identification is based on fingerprint biometric recognition. Each unit is equipped with a durable fingerprint sensor that scans user fingerprints and records events. An LCD provides user feedback.

    The IDU unit is a standalone device that can be integrated into LAN and WAN as well as existing access control, including time-and-attendance systems. It is ideally suited for integration with access-control, proximity-card, smartcard and transaction-verification solutions. All information, biometric data and decision-making capabilities reside locally on the unit to allow for standalone operation when communication and power supply are unavailable. Doors remain secure and will continue to operate even if all communications to the main computer are lost or during power failure.

    Other important features include standalone (no host required), 8,800 fingerprint and text related data, scalable processing power, local identification and verification, 12,000 date and time events (local), Ethernet, electronic signal out, unique MAC and IP address ranges, and embedded algorithms and firmware.