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SK100-F Fingerprint System
SK100-F Fingerprint System
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Product Specifications
  • The newly launched SK100-F Fingerprint system features fast, accurate, versatile identification; it can act either as a standalone device or be networked with PCs. It reads fingerprints accurately with a fast matching time of less than a second.

    System flexibility delivers a false-acceptance rate of one per 100,000, which can be adjusted to one in 100 million upon request. It can store up to 1,900 fingerprint templates and is expandable to 9,500 templates. The highly versatile SK100-F supports various modes of access: fingerprint only; card and fingerprint; pin and fingerprint; card and pin; and card only then pin only.

    The system comes with three different fingerprint-template-matching modes: 1:1 authentication, 1:n (many authentications) and 1:X (group authentication).

    In addition, the SK100-F has a large, bright-white-graphic LCD with 128 x 64 dots for clearer view of authentication results. The compact product is perfect for any indoor environment.