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ONE (C2OS) Unified Security Command and Control System
ONE (C2OS) Unified Security Command and Control System
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 01/11/2007
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Product Specifications
  • The ONE C2OS is a patented, open-architecture, flexible-framework, security, command-control operating system that is a generation beyond current integrated solutions. The benefits of unification over integration are many. True unification allows complete collaborative and actionable views of the entire security picture for the fastest situational analysis and response. It allows automated response and management by exception for a solution that requires a fraction of the staff normally needed to monitor security. True unification allows the system to accommodate leap-step technology advances that would require completely new-version releases and potentially complete rewrites to address in other solutions. The ONE C2OS allows the fastest, most cost-efficient development of assets needed to unify the full spectrum of data and commands from any attached resource.

    The ONE C2OS use of modular add-ons to implement functionality allows development of new capabilities through discrete modules. This flexible framework architecture greatly diminishes the impact of new development on the rest of the system, reducing time and cost of development, testing and implementation. This also allows any newly developed module to be made available to every other ONE C2OS client. What takes months or years and tremendous cost to develop in other solutions in the industry takes days or weeks to develop for the ONE C2OS and can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost.

    The ONE C2OS facilitates nearly every aspect of security and facility management through modular add-ons, which rest on top of a flexible framework architecture. The ONE C2OS allows modular addition of Graphic User Interfaces, functionality, logic, data and data-driven device drivers. The result of this architecture is unprecedented flexibility, scalability and agility both to customize the solution set at install, for the individual user or for future additions. No other solution on the market today is as flexible or agile.

    If a command-control solution cannot meet your needs five years from now, implementation does not make sense. The ONE C2OS is designed to allow rapid custom development of discrete add-on modules to accommodate literally anything required. It was designed specifically to allow MDI or the client to evolve the solution to any need, even ones that we could not predict. Modular functionality makes this possible. The core framework architecture need not change to realize incremental growth of functionality. It is the only C2 solution that provides this kind of growth potential.

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