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PhenoStor Solution
PhenoStor Solution
  • Supplier: MFNE
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 12/19/2006
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Product Specifications
  • The new strip is the result of advanced technology that allows PhenoStor to optically store enormous quantities of dataabout 10,000 times more than conventional magnetic strips. Data is stored as holograms, which are encrypted and can be read using only a special reading device. This strip consists of plastic specially developed by Bayer, which optically stores large quantities of data (approximately 17 megabits).Working alongside more than 20 partners from research and industry, developers found a method of producing viable cards, designed writing and reading devices and linked these with biometric-recognition systems. The system is rounded off with iris-recognition technology provided by biometric systems from Mitterfelden in Germany. The system is connected to a card reader via standard interface.

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