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iProtect Access Control Module
iProtect Access Control Module
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  • With iProtect access control, users can obtain an overview of all the people who are in a given space at any moment. This can either be provided as a printed report or as a real-time overview displayed on the monitor. Ts is particularly convenient for telephone operators because it allows them to determine at a glance whether to forward the call or take a message. And in case of a disaster, quickly obtaining a complete overview of everyone who is in a building can even save lives.

    In order to ensure optimum safety, it is crucial that every visitor is properly registered. The system provides a specific function to make it possible to register visitors in advanced and to record who has an appointment with the visitor. If necessary, an identity ard can be allocated to the visitor and presented to him or her upon arrival. This registration box makes it possible for visitors to register themselves when they arrive, without the intervention of a porter or receptionist. Visitors are included on the attendance reports, which is naturally vital should there be a disaster.