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Wireless Door Contact 433/868 MHz
Wireless Door Contact 433/868 MHz
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Product Specifications
  • Battery operated wireless door contact. The DC consists of one radio unit and one magnetic device. When the magneticdevice and the radio device are separated with more than a few cm, it will

    send a signal to the central unit.The is available with Alkaline or Lithium batteries



    Power Supply: Lithium: 1/2 AA" 3.6V 1000 mAh or Alakaline: 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries

    Battery life: Lithium: 64 months or Alkaline: 30 months @10 times of opening & closing per day.

    Operation Frequency: 868.6375MHz or 433 MHz.

    Tamper protection: protect the enclosure from being opened or being removed.

    Code combinations: 16,777,216 codes

    Auxiliary Input terminal: 1 N.C. general purpose Input.

    Operation Range: 300m in open space.

    Dimension: 103mm (L) x 31mm (W) x 20.5mm (H)

    Weight: 57g

    Temperature Range: -20C ~ 50C

    Humidity: up to 85%