Product Profile
FingerPrint Time Attendance with Access Control
FingerPrint Time Attendance with Access Control
  • Supplier: BioBio Technology
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Updated: 03/06/2009
  • Click Frequency: 2156
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Product Specifications
  • - Finger matched in 360 degrees Allowable Rotation

    - With voice and name Display to enhance the verify accuracy and reliable

    - Fingerprint Capacity and Records Capacity can upgrade to meet users!| needs

    - High-Speed and accuracy Verification, Support 1:N & 1:1 Verify

    - Manage machine through internet or insernet

    - With Auto-Testing, Auto-Shut down & Auto-start & Auto Sleep Functions

    - With door bell and access control Functions

    - Arbitrarily time zone and grouping access control