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RF245 & IDA245 2.45Ghz 10M LONG RANGE READER and Tag
RF245 & IDA245 2.45Ghz 10M LONG RANGE READER and Tag
  • Supplier: IDTECK
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 05/22/2007
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Product Specifications
  • " It comes along with high level of security in vehicle control "

    RF245, a 2.45Ghz Long Rage reader is specially designed for installations incorporating parking system and it has enhanced security by encryption and mutual identification. You may choose 90?one directional antenna or omni directional antenna depending on your preference. Multiple tags can be read with blink of an eye. Armed with IDTECK patented card algorithm, it provides high security to your long range solution with affordable price.

    Long range RFID active cards have been always troublesome with battery life and being unable to replace battery. With IDA245, you have no worry. CR2420, a replaceable battery can be replaced through the slot on the bottom of the card. Also site code and ID numbers may be programmed using PRG2450. You may share the same card with different reading range RF245.


    ▪ Long read range

    : Up to 10m read range

    ▪Simple to use

    : Able to connect directly to bargate using bargate output

    ▪ Multiple purpose

    : Parking, vehicle control, asset control. Personal tracking

    ▪ Outdoor capability

    : 100% Weatherproof makes it perfect for outdoor use

    ▪ User-friendly

    : User programmable site code and ID numbers using PRG2450

    ▪ Life time / Replaceable battery

    : 3 years with replaceable battery CR2420