Product Profile
HRS MFlow Airport Security/Passenger Access Control Systems

HRS MFlow Airport Security/Passenger Access Control Systems

  • Supplier: Human Recognition Systems
  • Region: United Kingdom
  • Updated: 2013/07/03
Product Specifications
  • MFlow utilises a variety of proven biometric and analytic technology, delivering robust solutions to airports. MFlow manages passenger flow safely and quickly through secure environments and has a five times better capture rate than Bluetooth systems ensuring accurate data and enabling better resource deployment.

    Ensuring only staff with the correct privileges gain entry to key secure areas is essential, but centrally managing and maintaining all employee records to ensure that individual’s identities adhere to regulatory and corporate compliance can be complex and costly.

    * MFlow Track is a world first solution designed use in airports to automate and assure the secure and fast flow of passengers through restricted areas.
    * MFlow Journey enables you to ensure efficient staffing levels, reduce passenger queue times and maximise time in retail areas by giving you the tools to measure and manage the movement of passengers through your airport.
    * MFlow Exit Lanes automates the secure flow of passengers from security restricted areas to non-secure areas through advanced video analytic technology.
    * MTrust is an online identity registry which ensures that all staff identity records are compliant with the airport’s policies.