Product Profile
iView iPass Visitor Management System

iView iPass Visitor Management System

  • Supplier: iView Systems
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/11/28
Product Specifications
  • The iPass Visitor Management System allows organizations to streamline the check-in process for visitors. Businesses can collect and easily recall real-time accurate data of current and pending authorized visitors and track visitor information to help monitor employee, visitors and facility safety. The iPass Visitor Management application utilizes ID scanning, electronics signatures, pre-registration web portal of individuals, email notifications, and customizable printing of visitor badges.

    iPass delivers a complete visitor management solution integrated within the iTrak Incident Reporting Platform. This integration provides the key advantage of access to existing personnel, banned/watched subjects and location synergies, reducing the need for duplicate visitor information or multiple redundant information entry.

    *Integrates seamlessly with the iTrak Incident Reporting & Risk Management System
    *One click sign-in/out and badge printing
    *Pre-registration capabilities
    *Support for third party badges with bar codes
    *Client/server architecture provides a single centralized database for multiple properties
    *Available as Module for the iTrak platform
    *Maintains existing iTrak security and drop downs
    *Central visitor application to track current and pending visi
    *Visitor and group registration
    *Work flow and permissions to manage visitor application consistent with existing iTrak platform
    *Multiple bar code support
    *Auto host e-mail notification
    *Overdue visit auto e-mail notification