Product Profile
Entrust GetAccess

Entrust GetAccess

  • Supplier: Entrust
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/10/19
Product Specifications
  • Entrust GetAccess delivers a single entry and access point to Web portal information and applications. It serves as the springboard for Web services and provides authentication and authorization for XML and Web services data. Supporting the broadest range of authentication methods and user devices available today, Entrust GetAccess makes it possible for organizations to personalize services, content and data for the diverse needs of a varied user community.

    Providing a personalized experience using authorization and authentication is key to building effective online relationships. Entrust GetAccess is a key solution for Identity Management. It provides robust access controls for intranet, extranet and federated portal content applications and Web services environments.

    Entrust GetAccess delivers enterprise-scale performance without sacrificing security.

    * Flexible per-processor pricing
    * Secure Identity and Access Management
    * Broadest range of authentication methods
    * Open and Interoperable framework
    * Easier administration and deployment
    * Authorization using Role- and Rule-based Access control
    * Performance without sacrificing security
    * Single sign-on across domains, applications and Web servers
    * Proven reliability with large scale deployments
    * Extensibility
    * Broad platform support