Product Profile
VP-II M Hand Vascular Pattern Scanner
VP-II M Hand Vascular Pattern Scanner
  • Supplier: TechSphere
  • Region: Korea
  • Updated: 04/06/2006
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Product Specifications
  • VP-II technology has a usability rate of 99.98 percent. Usability is the percentage of the unspecified adult population capable of using a system.

    Considering the fact that usability rates of fingerprint-based biometric systems are about 95 percent (one in 20 adults cannot use the systems for various reasons), VP-II provides incomparable performance.

    In addition, VP-II also performs better in terms of false-alarm and false-rejection rates; its verification speed outperforms all other existing biometric systems.

    Capability to sense user temperature patterns is another outstanding VP-II feature. This prevents, in its entirety, enrolment of nonbiometric patterns and fraudulent use of biometric features. In addition, sensors require no physical contact and this delivers excellent convenience, sanitation and prevention of any copying of system-residual biometrics.

    While the VP-II M is the base model of the VP-II line, this keyless entry generic access-control and time-and-attendance system is capable of supporting 250 users.

    The VP-II M consists of controllers and scanners.

    Controllers, which are installed inside doors, under floors or in roof cavities, process main algorithm for vascular-pattern verification and interfaces to VP-II door-lock and other network systems.

    Scanners installed outside doors scan vascular patterns and provide a user-friendly interface. The VP-II M is suitable for small offices or home environments. In addition, the VP-II M is capable of being networked with other standalone VP-II M devices to form a fully integrated network system.